How long is Counseling Treatment?

Counseling DenverBRIEF THERAPY (COUNSELING)- If you are experiencing a state of heightened distress or are feeling stuck and want to feel better, initiating therapy is a wise choice. You may have been feeling this way for a long time or you may have had a sudden onset of concerning symptoms. Either way, my first goal as your therapist is to help you find relief from feelings of overwhelming distress, powerlessness and hopelessness. We will work together to help you find containment and grounding.  –    This is what is considered a brief episode of treatment.  Brief therapy usually consists of 8-12 sessions at a frequency of 1-2 sessions per week. The result is that you feel more in control.  You are equipped with some tools for managing your current situation.

Counseling, Denver PsychotherapySHORT-TERM THERAPY (COUNSELING)- Once you experience a lessening of your distress and/or improved hopefulness, we can continue to work together to build your internal resources, effectively problem-solve, and understand underlying core issues.  – This is a short – term episode of treatment.  It usually takes 3 – 6 months at a frequency of weekly sessions. The result is a significant decrease in the intensity and frequency of your states of overwhelm/ distress/ stuck-ness/ conflict.  You feel more capable of managing your current stressors. You have a realistic understanding of your ongoing challenges and the underlying issues.

Counseling & Therapy Denver- Anxiety-Depression-PTSDLONG-TERM THERAPY – Once you gain an understanding for the underlying issues involved, we can proceed with further therapy for permanent problem resolution. Together, we can begin to understand why and how you got to the state you did. I can help you resolve underlying issues so that you can stop responding to stressors in ways that are overwhelming or destructive. As you find freedom from habitual patterns, you can become more creative with your life. You can discover, practice, and master new ways of thinking, behaving and relating to build rewarding relationships and a satisfying life.   –   This is what is considered a long-term episode of treatment. For optimum results, long-term therapy usually takes 6 to 12 months or longer of regularly scheduled sessions. The frequency is often 1x/week. To really dig in, you may opt for twice weekly or more. The result is resolution of problems and past hurts that were interfering with your mental and behavioral health.  You feel secure, good about yourself, engaged in your pursuits, hopeful about relationships and/or work, and capable to handle current and future stressors.


Counseling Denver- Anxiety-Depression-PTSDIf, in the course of our work together, you would benefit from on-call crisis support between your appointments, we will establish a protocol for this.  I will be available to you to offer necessary support by an on-call pager.  Urgent calls are 10-15 minutes in duration for focused help with stabilization, safety planning and problem-solving steps to handle the immediate situation. Urgent in-office sessions can be scheduled as needed. These can be 50 minutes, 65 minutes, or 80 minutes in duration.


I will do my best to assist you with referrals to other mental health professionals as needed, such as psychiatrists for medication evaluations, psychologists for psychological testing, specialized intensive treatments, and couples/family therapists for relationship counseling.