Denver PsychotherapistDenver therapist Dana Fox specializes in helping:

Men & Women with anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, low confidence, self-defeating behaviors

Survivors of tragic loss, crisis, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), partner’s betrayal, early parental death, childhood sexual, physical or verbal abuse

Individuals having difficulty with communication, intimacy, connecting, partner’s behavior

Young-ish Adults (20s, 30s) struggling with career, decisions, relationship, self-esteem, change, looking for self-understanding

Men & Women (40s, 50s, 60s) feeling lost or stuck, fearful of taking next steps, looking to re-discover who they are or start a new chapter, wanting deeper meaning in relationships

Looking for a Denver psychotherapist who genuinely cares & does not judge you?

I maintain respect and unconditional acceptance for you at all times, which allows your defenses to release and for you to become comfortable talking about what’s going on. I will help you understand yourself better and work through blocks so that you can have more enjoyment, worry less, and function better in work, relationships, and life.

At my Denver Psychotherapy Office, I take pride in my commitment to helping you feel better.

Your personal goals are the focus. You needs are listened to. Time is taken to hear your whole story, understand the uniqueness of your situation, and listen for what’s underlying your issues, and help you find resolution.

Let’s work together to understand your unique challenges, how you’ve been handling them, discover new ways, and create changes you want.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. I provide caring and skillful psychotherapy, rooted in the oldest and deepest understanding of the human psyche, aimed to make changes that permanently enhance quality of life. I have extensive training and experience, and use a variety of proven techniques to promote personal well-being, growth and fulfillment.

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“Psychotherapy” means the treatment, diagnosis, testing, assessment, or counseling in a professional relationship to assist individuals or groups to alleviate mental disorders, understand unconscious or conscious motivation, resolve emotional, relationship, or attitudinal conflicts, or modify behaviors that interfere with effective emotional, social, or intellectual functioning. Psychotherapy follows a planned procedure of intervention that takes place on a regular basis, over a period of time, or in the cases of testing, assessment, and brief psychotherapy, psychotherapy can be a single intervention. – Colorado Rev. Statutes 12-43-201(9a)